high precision equipment

Putnam has over 40 years of numerical-controlled machining experience producing components for a variety of industries.  Putnam Machine Products can handle your machined component needs from prototypes through production lots. Putnam can produce truck & off-highway vehicle suspension, steering, engine, and drive-line components; Industrial machinery components; Pressure vessel flanges, covers, manifolds, and fittings; Metal components for electronic, optical, and medical equipment and more.

Workpiece sizes range from as small as 1/2” to as large as 30”. See CNC Turning Equipment and CNC Milling Equipment for more details. Product raw materials may include cast iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloys, brass and copper alloys, nickel and exotic alloys, tool steels and plastics.


Putnam’s 48,000 sq. ft. facility houses modern, high precision equipment from quality machine tool manufacturers for production machining, including production turning, milling, boring, grinding, drilling, tapping, thread-milling, thread & spline rolling, hobbing, broaching, cold-sawing, band-sawing, die-stamping, marking, and engraving. In addition to production machining, Putnam’s journeyman tool makers can produce fixtures, dies, patterns, prototypes, and perform machine repairs.

The 1,500 sq. ft. climate-controlled metrology lab is well equipped with coordinate measuring machines, automated optical scanners, laser-mics, hardness tester, profilometers, and a large complement of precision handheld gages and instruments. All inspection equipment is monitored, calibrated and maintained per our quality management system, which is ISO-9001:2008 registered and TS16949 compliant.

Your “One-Stop Shop”

Putnam partners with top quality mills and suppliers of bar stock, castings, forgings, extrusions, stampings, and fabricated plate to supply complete components and assemblies per your specifications.

Skilled Machinists/Fast Changeovers

Putnam employs the concepts of continuous improvement and employee empowerment and training with a goal of insuring that every machinist can set-up and run every machine in the plant. The result is fast changeovers and pride in workmanship that is apparent in high quality levels and excellent on-time delivery performance. In addition, all non-dedicated work-centers are equipped with quick-change tooling and fixtures to further reduce set-up time.

Integrated Production Control System

Putnam utilizes the JobBOSS® job shop software management system to integrate estimating, order processing, purchasing, production, accounting, quality, and cost analysis processes. The system provides quick feedback to real-time job status and workcenter capacity inquiries as well as very functional scheduling tools, routings, documentation, and material traceability from your initial inquiry through material acquisition, processing, and shipment.

CNC Turning

Putnam excels at small lot size to high volume production CNC turning of components from Ø1/2” (13mm) through Ø30” (762mm). Depending on the type of component, the machining is performed on single-spindle or multi-spindle turning centers equipped with live turret tooling to handle most milling, drilling, and threading as well as turning and boring in one operation. Most equipment is arranged in cells including auxiliary machines to provide complete parts in one operation. The cellular concept enhances quality by eliminating errors sometimes unforeseen with batch processing and applying “ownership” of the process to a single machinist.

CNC Machining Centers

With both vertical machining centers (VMC) and horizontal machining centers (HMC),Putnam has the right equipment to produce your machined parts.

Putnam uses high torque, heavy duty, highly accurate machining centers for heavy metal removal jobs on larger components. More delicate, high precision parts are handled by the high speed spindle, high-speed traverse machining centers. See CNC Milling Equipment for more details. Our typical machining centers boast positioning accuracies of ±.000080 inch (±.002mm) and positioning repeatability accuracies of ±.000040 inch (±1 micron).

Secondary Machining Operations

Many turned and milled components require secondary machining that cannot easily be performed by a turning or milling center. Putnam can handle grinding, broaching, thread & spline-rolling, limited gear hobbing, die-stamping, pin-stamping, engraving, vibratory finishing, deburring, and washing. Putnam utilizes very competent subcontract sources for other operations such as heat treating, lapping, honing, plating, anodizing, e-coating, and casting impregnation and painting.

Efficient Warehousing/Material Handling

The saw bay is equipped with special “roll-out” bar racks for 12 foot to 24 foot bundles to provide for quick, safe bar-stock access and identification.

The newly constructed 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse houses racks for efficient storage and retrieval of raw materials, fixtures, and finished goods.


Raw material cutting and blanking is handled by CNC automatic feed band-saws with capacities up to 10″ diameter and a high-speed, magazine feed CNC Coldsaw for bars up to Ø4-1/4”(Ø108mm). Sawing our own material blanks minimizes raw material waste and gives more control over the quality of the blank. Coldsawing blanks and machining them in chucking lathes is often times more cost-effective than cutting off in a barfeed machine.